Conference Rooms:

Complimentary conference rooms with video teleconferencing equipment, refreshments, wifi, and ample free parking at our facilities in Sacramento. Complimentary or low-cost conference rooms available throughout California and the nation.

National Coverage:

We can calendar and arrange your reporting assignments throughout the nation. As proud partners of the DepoSpan network, we work with our vetted colleagues in every major city of the country. We take the guesswork out of trying to find a qualified reporter anywhere in the U.S.

Online Access to your calendar, transcripts, exhibits, and video:

View your calendared depositions and access transcripts, video, and exhibits through our secure repository.

PDF delivery:

We provide your transcripts and exhibits in a secure HIPAA compliant PDF, ASCII, E-Transcript, LEF or other requested format for your easy access. Exhibits are hyperlinked to your transcript text.

Realtime Depositions, Arbitrations, Court Proceedings:

A reporter can provide you with a realtime translation feed from their stenotype-computer connection enabling you to refer to and annotate testimony in realtime. We will provide you with a laptop or IPad for viewing so you’re assured of a problem-free connection. Ask for an electronic rough draft if you need immediate access to the transcript.Besides litigating attorneys, this service is requested and used by many judges and arbitrators.

Remote Depositions:

We can provide web-streamed realtime testimony over the internet. Add video and audio if you wish. We can send the signal directly to your computer so you can take a deposition or participate in one in the privacy of your own office or home.

Transcription of Audio Recordings:

We can supply a  transcript of a previously recorded hearing or interview accurately and expeditiously.


Our in-house video department can video record your deposition and provide it on a DVD and synchronize it to the transcript. By synchronizing the video to the transcript, we create a searchable video. Type in a keyword or phrase and the synchronizing software allows a playback of the corresponding video segment. Create clips and export them to various litigation presentation programs or use our built-in editing and presentation software.

We also video site inspections and demonstrative evidence presentations.


Through our videoteleconference center participate in a deposition or meeting anywhere in the world. With our state-of-the-art equipment enjoy a clean and clear video-audio connection on a large screen. We also have options for hard to access locations where we can utilize computers and an internet connection to connect attorneys and witnesses almost anywhere.